About SOS Sahel Ethiopia


SOS Sahel Ethiopia envisions a world without poverty.

Background, History and Transformation

SOS Sahel International (UK) started work in the Sahelian Drylands Zone in Western and Eastern Africa in 1984. In Ethiopia, it began rural development projects focusing on food security and Community Based Resource Management (CBRM) five years after its establishment in 1989.

In 2005, SOS Sahel Ethiopia was registered as an independent national NGO by the Ethiopian Ministry of Justice. SOS Sahel Ethiopia is a national NGO with over 20 years of experience in working with rural communities and the Ethiopian government to tackle poverty. Specifically, the agency is working with smallholder farmers and pastoralist people of Ethiopia to tackle poverty through Sustainable Natural Resources Management and Value Chain Development.


SOS Sahel Ethiopia is dedicated to improve the living standards of smallholder farmers and marginalized pastoralists through better management of their environment and improved access to fair and sustainable agricultural markets. SOS Sahel Ethiopia aims to eliminate food insecurity and to ensure environmental sustainability.

The environment is crucially important to the livelhood security of farmers and pastoralists, and SOS Sahel's work to date supports its view that improved environmental management can reduce community vulnerablity and help them climb out of poverty.
Poverty is not simply an issue of income—it is also about:

Thus, central to SOS Sahel Ethiopia's development interventions is empowering the poor the exercise their environmental, social, civil, cultural and econonmic rights.

Core Values

We highly value community empowerment, learning from the community and others, equity and environmental justice. Partnerships, networks, and forums are central to our integrated and multi-secotral approach.
We are a learning organization, committed to learning from past experience and partners. By taking care of the environment collectively, each person gains- this illustrates SOS Sahel Ethiopia's beleif in partnerships.