How We Work

New Honey Producers

Community Based Resource Management

SOS Sahel Ethiopia works to reverse environmental degradation and ensure environmental sustainability by promoting processes and actions for participatory, equitable and inclusive management and use of natural resources

Reduce Food Insecurity

SOS Sahel Ethiopia works to reduce chronic food insecurity by building the asset-base of the most vulnerable farmers and pastoralists, while imporoving their livelihood opportunitites.

Build the Capacity of Government Institutions

The agency builds the organizational capacity of partner government institutions so they may deliver effective services and engage in their local constituencies

Empower Community Based Organizations

SOS Sahel Ethiopia empowers the smallholder farmers and pastoralist institutions so that they can claim and obtain services and actively engage in self-reliant local development

Value Chain Development

SOS Sahel Ethiopia supports individual farmers and farmer organizations to improve production, add value and access fair and sustainable markets to agricultural commodities and natural products.

Policy Advocacy and Lobbying

SOS Sahel Ethiopia advocates for the poor and lobbies government decision makers and funding agencies on matters of poverty, rights, equity and sustainable development. It applies the lessons of practical field experiences and action research outcomes to ensure implementation of pro-poor, appropriate adn responsive policy actions and decisions.

Humanitarian Assistance

SOS Sahel Ethiopia provides emergency assistance when humanitarian crises occur.